Metal License Plate Frames

 Featuring Stainless Steel Metal – For a frame that lasts for years!Sharp Performance License Plate Frames

Not all metal license plate frames are the same. Most metal frames in the industry made of plated zinc alloy. Zinc frames will deteriorate greatly over time, especially in harsh climates where there is lots of salt and sand on the roads in the winter months. Our Stainless or Aluminum frames are more durable!


Advantages of Stainless Steel License Plate Frame:
  • Stainless steel license plate frames look better!
  • Stainless steel holds up better over time
  • Shipping weight is nearly half that of comparable zinc alloy frames, therefore saving you money
  • Less bulky than zinc frames
  • More finish options! Mirror shiny finish, brushed, gun metal plating, color paint
  • US & Canadian styles shown here. European & Australian Number Plate Frames are also available
  • Perfect for Auto Dealers, Manufacturers, Corporations, Schools, Universities, Alumni Associations etc.


Custom Stamped Stainless Steel Dealer License Plate Frames


Custom Raised Panel Stainless Steel License Plate Frames


Plating and finish options for Stainless Steel & Aluminum plate frames:

Mirror shiny finish, brushed, gun metal plating, color paint


Logo methods for Stainless Steel & Aluminum frames:

Your custom plate frames are just that ~CUSTOM! Our graphics department can produce virtual samples at no cost to you, to demonstrate how your new frame will look. Here are some examples of how we can display your logo on a license plate frame.


Compare Sharp’s featured Stainless Steel frames to our competitor’s zinc alloy frames

Zinc alloy frame can wear significantly depending on the metal materials used during the manufacturing process. Zinc frames are are also plated, which will deteriorate over time ~especially in northern climates where they are exposed to road salt, sand etc.

Sharp’s Stainless Steel plate frames vs a competitor’s Zinc Alloy frame:

Our Stainless Steel Holds up over time!

Our Stainless Steel Holds up over time!


Competitor's Zinc Alloy frame

Zinc Alloy frame will deteriorate Quickly!



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